4 Outdoor Sporting Activities That Are Just As Good As Using A Treadmill

When it comes to fitness, getting cardiovascular (cardio) exercise is vital. Cardio exercises help you to burn fat and tone your body. The number one go-to-place for such cardio exercise is the treadmill. And for others, outdoor running. However, did you know that you can get the same exercise without running or using the treadmill? Below, discover some outdoor fun sports that work just as well.

1. Playing soccer

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide. If you look at pictures of soccer players, you will realize that they are quite fit. Part of the reason for this is that soccer revolves around running around a pitch for extended durations. So in short, soccer is packed with lots of cardio exercise. If you don’t fancy running, therefore, you can substitute that by playing soccer with friends. A single game will offer you more than an hour of cardio exercise. And that will go a long way in getting you fit.

2. Cycling

Another outdoor sport that can be just as rewarding as running on a treadmill is cycling. When you cycle, you are continually working your legs and your entire body. Just like with soccer, you will realize that most, if not all, professional cycling athletes are very fit. If you can cycle for just an hour, you can burn almost as many calories as you would on a treadmill. For even better results, try cycling for longer or cycling up hilly terrains. Alternatively, you can try cycling under low (difficult) gears for even more of a workout.

3. Swimming

You can also enjoy lots of cardiovascular exercise from swimming. Swimming may look like plain fun and games but is does require quite a workout. If you love swimming, you can use the sport to work your way to a fit body. However, this will require that you spend at least an hour in the water dong laps from one end of the pool to the other. Just like running, swimming will tone your muscles and workout almost every other part of your body, from the arms to the legs, and even the core.

4. Hiking

Lastly, you can reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise from hiking. In a way, hiking is just like power-walking but on a more extreme level. Hiking for several hours will deliver the same level of cardio exercise as running on the treadmill in a gym, if not better. Apart from burning fat and toning the body, hiking also offers great muscle development in the lower body and core section.

So if you’re into fitness but are not fond of a gym or conventional exercising, try out the above outdoor activities. You’ll get fit and have a fun time at the same time.