Considerations to Make When Hiring a Newborn Photographer

Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations! If you want to capture these amazing moments, now is the time you begin planning. Keep in mind that your bundle of joy will only be this small for a short time. Thus, it’s vital to capture this moment to remember the smallest details.  

Perhaps the most vital photos you’ll ever have is newborn pictures. Because of this, it’s extremely crucial to choose an ideal newborn photographer. Aside from taking memorable photos, the photographer should also take care of your little one during the session. You’ve got to make sure that your little one is in good hands.  

When hiring a professional for newborn photography, here are several things to consider: 


Oftentimes, a lot of moms ask when’s the ideal time to take photos of their newborn babies. It’s vital to take photos of them early because your little bundle of joy grows so quickly. Your little one is extra sleepy, small, bendy, and squishy within the first several weeks of life. This is the ideal time to take photos. Usually, for portrait sessions, professionals suggest 9 up to 15 days old. Since the baby is still adapting to the new environment, it isn’t recommended to take photos after 5 days of being born.  


There are a lot of various styles of newborn portraits. Of course, nothing is wrong or right. It’s crucial to keep in mind what style you’re drawn to and look for a photographer that specializes in that style. You can choose baby-led posing, lifestyle sessions, or posed newborn style.  

Baby-led posing is just producing a comfortable environment for your little one and letting them snuggle in different positions, wraps, and blankets that are natural to them. This style will represent how your little one naturally sleeps. This style of baby portrait tells a story of your baby. This style of photography will enable you to place photos with the memories you have with your kid. 

On the other hand, the main focus of lifestyle photography is on the love and connections that family members share with the baby. This session can take place at a studio or in your house.  

Your sleeping little one is guided gently into adorable curled up poses during a posed newborn photography. They are wrapped gently. In general, this photography will last 3 up to 4 hours. It also requires a high level of skills from the photographer.  


It can be extremely difficult to hire a newborn photographer. This is particularly true if you consider every aspect that makes an excellent choice. Of course, the most crucial aspect is your newborn’s safety. You have to hire a professional who knows how to safely pose your baby and properly handles your little one.  

There are a couple of certification programs for newborn photographers. One example is the AANPS (American Association of Newborn Photography Safety). They offer training for newborn safety. This includes prop safety, circulation, heating, immunizations, safe posing, newborn handling, studio cleanliness, and much more.  

How to Prepare for a Hair and Makeup Appointment

Do you have an upcoming hair and makeup appointment? Is it your first time? When it comes to preparing for a mobile hair and makeup appointment, you might have heard a lot of things. This includes wearing SPF or moisturizer under makeup, having grease in your hairstyle, and much more.  

Today, we are going to talk about how to properly prepare for your hair and makeup appointment: 

Should You Wear SPF? 

An excellent makeup artist should have premium professional products to properly reflect in photos. Meaning, their foundations will not contain any SPF. However, it will still perform as a physical UV blocker.  

But, you have to keep in mind that you could still wear SPF under your foundation. However, you have to ensure that it isn’t greasy so that it won’t ruin your photos. A lot of greasy and thick SPF products won’t let makeup sit well or adhere to the top. So, bear this in mind as well. 

Should You Moisturize? 

Your skin condition and your skincare will certainly influence the look of the makeup. It can cause the makeup to have a similar appearance if your skin is flakey and dry. But, you should not count on the makeup artist to have the best moisturizer for your skin.  

Keep in mind that several mobile makeup professionals don’t have enough space in their kits for a whole variety of skincare of all skin types. Because of these, most of them will suggest you adhere to your typical tested and tried skincare product. Furthermore, this will get rid of the potential of having a reaction to a moisturizer that you might not have tested before.  

Should You Wet Your Hair? 

Unless you’re having a blow dry, it is best to have a dry hair for your appointment. In general, wet hair does not hold well. Before the professional will be able to straighten or curl it, he/she will have to dry it first. Drying can take a lot of time if you have thick and long hair. Because of this, it is ideal to wash your hair 24 hours before the appointment to prevent this trouble.  

Should You Clean Your Hair? 

A lot of people believe that not washing their hair for a couple of days before the appointment is better. They think that the greasier the hair, the better. However, this is not the case.  

The truth is that a small amount of grease is ideal. It will help hold and grip your hairstyle. However, it is actually a lot more difficult to style hair that is extremely greasy and stringy. In addition to that, the duration of the hairstyle will be greatly affected by the grease of your hair. It’s also a bit disgusting for the hairstylist to touch an unwashed hair.  

It is better to have clean hair instead of a greasy one. Keep in mind that the hair will still get dirty because of the products. A hairstylist can’t do anything about it if your hair is too greasy already. 

Options for Teeth Replacement

You may be thinking about getting rid of all your teeth and replace them with a new one, whether you’ve got dental problems because of years of neglect, an injury, or genetics. This is particularly true if you’re tired of dealing with them. However, what are the options for teeth replacement? 

For those who don’t know, you’ve got 2 options when you want to get rid of all your teeth and replace them. This includes dental implants and dentures.  

Dental Implants 

Since dental implants perform like actual teeth and avoid erosion in the jawbone, a lot of professionals recommend them when it comes to teeth replacement. To stimulate the jawbone just like the actual teeth, the implant will go into your jaw and merges with your bone. Another advantage of this option is that you will not have a saggy face.  

If you want to completely replace all your teeth, the best solution for you is the All on 6 or All on 4. The number of implants will vary on the recommendation of your dentist. That’s why some people will have 6 implants while others will only have 4. Once the dentist sets the implants, he/she will connect the implants with overdenture, also known as a permanent denture. The overdenture will be attached to the implants. This means that they’re not permanent. Because of this process, you can speak, sleep, and eat with your implants without being concerned if they might fall or slip out.  

Therefore, this is an excellent choice since you get the affordability of dentures and the advantages of implants without the usual complaints and downsides patients have about dentures.  


Technically, you can’t consider dentures as a teeth replacement option. The reason for this is that they are not permanent. But, they do have a similar appearance to real teeth. If you’re missing teeth, dentures are a cost-effective choice. This is one of the major reasons why most individuals prefer dentures over dental implants. However, you have to keep in mind that there are a couple of possible disadvantages that come with dentures.  

One of the major drawbacks of this option is that they aren’t attached to your gums. This means that the dentures can shift and move around. This can cause difficulty in speaking, eating, and chewing. It can get extremely annoying at some point. Of course, there are a couple of methods to help get rid of these issues. However, it is vital to remember this since it is always a possibility. A couple of individuals actually find it more comfortable to get rid of their dentures whenever they eat. However, if you’re eating outside, this can be a bit uncomfortable. In addition to that, it can cause severe digestive problems.  

You have to remember that every night, you’ve got to get rid of your dentures before you sleep. You also have to regularly clean them. However, they last for a couple of years.  

Finally, your face might get saggy if you keep on using dentures since they don’t engage with your jaw.  

Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

A wedding is probably one of the most memorable and special occasions in your life. Because of this, almost every couple wants it to be perfect. However, weddings can still be extremely stressful, even if you already have planned it to be as flawless as possible.  

One of the hardest features when planning your wedding is entertaining your guests. You don’t want them to get bored, right? Fortunately, a wedding DJ can help you with this. 

When hiring a wedding DJ, where are several things that you have to consider: 

Questions to Ask 

Whenever you are hiring a potential wedding DJ, there are a couple of questions that you have to ask. Here are some of them: 

  • Why should you hire him? Does he have other skills that can help entertain the guests? 
  • Do they provide any other services such as lighting and special effects? 
  • Are they available to visit the venue? Are they familiar with it? 
  • What equipment will they use? Do they have backups? 
  • Can they provide you samples of their songs?  
  • What’s their method to get your guests to dance? 
  • Can they accommodate requests? How flexible is the playlist? What’s the process of creating one?  
  • Is the DJ working full-time or is it just a hobby? 

Considerations to Make Before Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ 

There are a couple of considerations that you have to make before you choose a DJ. This includes: 

  • If you intend on having wedding shots on the dance floor, you’ve got to make sure that the photographer and the DJ have the chance to meet up. 
  • It is best to book a DJ at least 3 months in advance. This is particularly true during the wedding season. 
  • It is simply crucial for you to get to know the DJ as it is for them to get to know you. 
  • Keep in mind that the age range of your visitors will all have extremely different musical tastes. Thus, you have to ensure your DJ knows how to accommodate your 50-year-old aunt, 18-year-old cousin, and 6-year-old niece. 

How to Choose a DJ? 

You have to hire a DJ that has a wide range of musical experiences. Aside from having knowledge of the latest trend in music, they should also know music from different timelines since your wedding guests will have a various age range. Your aunt will not have the same music taste as your niece.  

Furthermore, the DJ should have a very pleasing personality. They need to have the skill to please the guests. They should be confident with their skills in entertaining their guests. Furthermore, the DJ should help the couple to choose a playlist that fits their theme. Of course, the DJ should also be able to let the guests dance and have a good time.  

An excellent DJ will have to be organized. They need to have excellent equipment. Make sure that they also have backup equipment if ever any issue may arise. Finally, you have to choose a DJ that knows how to adapt to changes.