A wedding is probably one of the most memorable and special occasions in your life. Because of this, almost every couple wants it to be perfect. However, weddings can still be extremely stressful, even if you already have planned it to be as flawless as possible.  

One of the hardest features when planning your wedding is entertaining your guests. You don’t want them to get bored, right? Fortunately, a wedding DJ can help you with this. 

When hiring a wedding DJ, where are several things that you have to consider: 

Questions to Ask 

Whenever you are hiring a potential wedding DJ, there are a couple of questions that you have to ask. Here are some of them: 

  • Why should you hire him? Does he have other skills that can help entertain the guests? 
  • Do they provide any other services such as lighting and special effects? 
  • Are they available to visit the venue? Are they familiar with it? 
  • What equipment will they use? Do they have backups? 
  • Can they provide you samples of their songs?  
  • What’s their method to get your guests to dance? 
  • Can they accommodate requests? How flexible is the playlist? What’s the process of creating one?  
  • Is the DJ working full-time or is it just a hobby? 

Considerations to Make Before Hiring a Professional Wedding DJ 

There are a couple of considerations that you have to make before you choose a DJ. This includes: 

  • If you intend on having wedding shots on the dance floor, you’ve got to make sure that the photographer and the DJ have the chance to meet up. 
  • It is best to book a DJ at least 3 months in advance. This is particularly true during the wedding season. 
  • It is simply crucial for you to get to know the DJ as it is for them to get to know you. 
  • Keep in mind that the age range of your visitors will all have extremely different musical tastes. Thus, you have to ensure your DJ knows how to accommodate your 50-year-old aunt, 18-year-old cousin, and 6-year-old niece. 

How to Choose a DJ? 

You have to hire a DJ that has a wide range of musical experiences. Aside from having knowledge of the latest trend in music, they should also know music from different timelines since your wedding guests will have a various age range. Your aunt will not have the same music taste as your niece.  

Furthermore, the DJ should have a very pleasing personality. They need to have the skill to please the guests. They should be confident with their skills in entertaining their guests. Furthermore, the DJ should help the couple to choose a playlist that fits their theme. Of course, the DJ should also be able to let the guests dance and have a good time.  

An excellent DJ will have to be organized. They need to have excellent equipment. Make sure that they also have backup equipment if ever any issue may arise. Finally, you have to choose a DJ that knows how to adapt to changes.